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Paul Crask

Paul Crask grew up in Yorkshire, England, and graduated from Leeds University. He lived for several years in Germany and Japan and he has travelled to many countries around the world. In 2005, after ten years living and working in the UK, he dropped out and moved to Dominica with his wife, Celia, who was born on the island. They live in Giraudel.

Email: paulcrask@gmail.com


The first edition of Dominica Traveller is now available in print and online.

The third edition of Bradt Dominica will be released in October 2016.

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“I have always loved exploring, finding myself in new places; and I fill my life with challenges that reflect that. I graduated from Leeds University and, before kicking off a career in London, I spent over two years living and working in Japan. Before that I was living in former West Germany, and studying at the Karl Marx University of Leipzig in former communist East Germany. I have done a lot of travelling and I miss it.

We came to Dominica in 2005. It was time to drop out and leave a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle behind. This island has its own unique set of challenges, but it is also very beautiful, free and wild, which makes it attractive to me. I need to get off it from time to time, but when I’m here and not sitting at my desk, I like to get out into the rainforest and the mountains, walking trails and enjoying the wilderness.

I try to avoid writing promotional pieces if I can – though I do have to earn a living somehow – and prefer to focus on writing about specific subjects. This is why I was drawn to the idea of creating a National Geographic style magazine. And although people tell me they can sense how much I love Dominica when they read my Bradt Guide, I do try to avoid making it all sound like a marketing exercise – I want it to be factual, opinionated and occasionally humorous.

I like to take photos to go with my writing, but I don’t consider myself a photographer. I made a short documentary film about a tree fern carver called Nom Fwige. This is something I would like to do more of as I think it is a genre that complements the things I like to do and write about.

I miss bits of England: the galleries, the museums, the music festivals and the theatre. And the Yorkshire Dales when they are covered in snow. Maybe I’ll get back there one day, but for now there are still other places to explore.”